“For me, worship, is not so much about getting the message to people; it’s more about getting the message to God.”

Darnell Moore will be performing and releasing music from his new EP - Can't Give Up Now.

EP Release - Can't Give Up

Full Concert Free!!

Accept My Praise

Psalms 19:14

About Darnell Moore

Praise and worship is at the heart of gospel music.  Many have paved the way for worship leaders in the African American church.  Darnell Moore, an anointed worshipper in his own right, is ready to take on that mantle and exalt his God with adoration and praise.  A gifted musician, songwriter, producer, vocalist, and the Director of Music at The New Macedonia Baptist Church in Washington, DC, his calling to worship will be clear to all on his upcoming CD, Accept My Praise.



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The Schlorship Ministry of The New Macedonia Baptist Church presents Darnell Moore and Company in Full Concert FREE!!